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ZJ15 Drilling Rig
ZJ15 is the development of new mechanical rig. It can be used to 600-1500m oil wells, drilling, coal, geothermal wells,water wells. The rig used mature domestic and foreign advanced technology and structure, with the reliability and technical performance. ZJ15 drilling rigs conform to SY/T5600-1999 and HSE standards. The main parts design and manufacture conform to API standard...

Electric Drilling Rigs
Rigs are used in oil and gas exploration and development. Products comply with API Spec 4F, 7K, 8A, Models and Basic Parameters of Rigs (SY/T5609-1999) and related standards, and API symbol occupancy permit has been obtained....


Digital variable frequency electric rig ZJ70DBS
The dynamic braking (Honghua company patent technology, patent number:ZL02 222560.9) using drill down the winch motor work in generating state, the formation of braking torque. Energy consumption braking alternativeelectromagnetic eddy current traditional brake, change...
Digital variable frequency electric rig ZJ30DBS
The direct torque control, excellent torque response, good low-speed performance. By means of analysis method of space vector modulation direct torque control, calculation in stator coordinate and control the torque of AC motor, the best control of switch states of the inverter, in order to achieve high dynamic performance of torque....
Digital variable frequency electric rig ZJ40DBS
the ZJ40DBS rig for the electromechanical integration design, drilling machinecan realize the digital control, has the function of automatic drilling. And with strong within the system and outside the system communication ability. At the same time the rig is equipped with hydraulic moving device can meet therequirement of the cluster type well. In view of 4000m in deep well dri...
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